Improving my life with the help of Permaculture

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture. They say that once, a beautiful little bird deposited an egg on the beach,  naturally that egg was her son whom she loved with all her being. 

Unfortunately for the little bird, the tide rose and carried the little egg out to sea. Sad and disconsolate, the little bird became a sea of ​​tears and sorrow, saying: «How am I what am I going to do now to get my beloved son out of this immense sea?» 

Until finally, after much thought, he said: «I will dig a hole on the beach and begin to pour all the sea water into it, until in the end the sea will be empty and I can find my son at its bottom.» Said and done, the sad little bird began the hard and impossible task. 

Permaculture to improve life

After several days, exhausted, our hero continued in the titanic task. Until finally an angel from heaven, pitied to see the dedication and perseverance shown, took the troubled little bird’s egg out of the immense sea and brought it to him. Delivered to his great delight.

Perseverance could be defined as the tireless dedication to carrying out a task until reaching its fruits or results.

It is very true that perseverance is sometimes associated with stubbornness, but its positive purposes are what differentiate it from this harmful defect for the person.

What is worth little, costs little. Little effort, no perseverance, few achievements; a lot of effort and great perseverance is equal to great advances, transcendental knowledge, success, prosperity, happiness, total satisfaction. 

An incredible percentage of people can’t reach their goals because they are fickle. Starting an activity today and sticking with it for a week or two, then abandoning it. 

Permaculture to improve my personal life

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture. There are some who can cope with it for a little longer. But in the end they end up abandoning their discipline. It is wonderful when people are busy daily doing something to improve. It is the daily task, constant to develop.

Why? Because every time you improve, you are improving your own existence and your entire environment. 

If you change positively, you will influence everything around you and therefore your life will improve well.

 We have to be demanding, not with others. But with ourselves, not allowing ourselves inconsistencies, periodicities, postponements, and laziness that stagnate, preventing us from achieving what we most desire. 

Lastly, I must tell you that perseverance is like a man who found out that in a deep place under the earth there was a treasure and without thinking many times began to dig, digging daily. 

Permaculture needs perseverance

Seeing him, people made fun of him and told him to give up his purpose, to realize that he would not achieve anything. 

The persevering man continued, he could not deny that the darkness of the hole caused him fear and some doubts, but he trusted the one who had told him about the treasure that lay under all that mud. 

One day, dedicated to his incessant task, his beak touched something solid and when he hit harder there was a small collapse, and oh surprise! He fell into a small room full of incalculable treasures.

 If we persevere, one day we will take the final plunge that will lead us to the wonderful treasure of success and fulfillment.

The union of people makes Permaculture the best solution

I have a friend whose father was a prestigious lawyer in the city where he lived. He had always dreamed that his son would also study law and inherit his law firm. Which would ensure his legacy and also the boy’s financial future. 

However, my friend since his childhood had always dreamed of being a doctor. He was passionate about the idea of ​​working in hospitals and serving people, he had an  idyllic idea with medicine. 

When he finished high school and was preparing to enter university, his father begged him to study law, telling him that this was his life’s dream and that his economic future would be assured. 

My friend loved his father  and the last thing he wanted was to disappoint, so he enrolled in law school as an excellent student and graduated with honors.

The love of what we like is a part of Permaculture

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture.  At the end of the degree, he went to his father with the title and told him: “You wanted me to  study law, here is the title, I have pleased you, now I am going to follow my vocationand become a great doctor, that is also the dream. of my life». 

So, he went back to university and today he is a great medical professional, he practices it with an ethical and humane sense. 

The Vocation is definitive for the triumph of a person in life. It can be defined as the set of personal qualities that a person possesses and that incline them towards the effective performance of a certain activity, feeling high satisfaction when performing.

 The last words of our definition are keys to understanding and knowing someone’s vocation. 

An example in this regard: there are doctors who, when they cure someone, only think about the economic bill, what they will charge; however, there are others who consider that same healing as a personal achievement, feeling the satisfaction that they have fulfilled a duty in the most correct way. 

We all serve in a community based on Permaculture

Although the two doctors receive their fees, the last one has a medical vocation. 

The vocation goes beyond the qualities of a person that incline him to perform an activity better than others. It includes a feeling that, when carried out, produces inner satisfaction.

It is unfortunate that there are still selfish parents who push their children to study a certain career because they like it. Or because they are graduates in it, the grandfather was too and tradition must be followed. 

It is important for parents to understand. That it is necessary to give their children freedom so that they can choose the profession or trade they want and not study out of obligation or tradition. 

The selfishness of many parents sometimes causes the unhappiness of their children. 

What is the situation that arises when someone studies or performs a trade or profession that is not their vocation?

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture. He will simply be mediocre in his activity. Because he will not have the fire of enthusiasm that drives the ability to create within the work area, make inventions. Renew concepts and most importantly: enjoy what he does. 

The great inventors and geniuses like Newton, Einstein and many others, did not perform their prodigies under pressure from someone. They did so locked up in their laboratories, moved by that wonderful intuition that gradually guided them to their discoveries. 

We are not all going to be geniuses. But we are efficient people, capable of surpassing ourselves within our work area and distinguishing ourselves as talented technicians or professionals. 

What is the best advice for a young man about his vocation?

An example:To achieve a better understanding. A person is an animal lover, in his house he has a dog, a cat, and even a frog. He names them, cleans them, plays with them, is concerned about their health, and loves.  

What do we find here? 

An ideal person for the veterinary, the only thing you will have to do is improve and acquire new knowledge. 

Another case could be that of young people who love to disassemble computers, televisions and other electrical appliances. In them we have the ideal electromechanical, industrial, or electrician engineer. 

Do you like to comfort and advise people? Are you interested in the phenomena of individual and social human behavior?

Here is the right person for guidance. 

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture. That is why young people should observe their predictions. What they like to waste hours and hours on and do not get tired of. All this allows them to determine what is the vocation of each one.

On many occasions there are young people who say: «I like medicine, but 

It is very long, so I will study for another, shorter career.» What a big mistake! He will spend his life bitterly, with a job, earning his daily bread but nothing else. There is no satisfaction. He does not feel good in his work. He does it as an obligation, not as a service to society and personal satisfaction. . 

Permaculture allows you to work or do what you love.

You have to love what you do, be happy, and we can only achieve that. When we know how to choose our mission in this world, according to the qualities and aptitudes with which we were born. 

There are also adults who have spent their entire lives doing activities that do not fulfill them. That do not give them satisfaction. They have stayed in that job because they fear that if they leave it they will have nothing to live on. 

Everyone is free to choose what they think is convenient. But when a person performs his talent, what he is good at, money will always be left over since everyone looks for a job well done. 

Fear not, be happy, follow your vocation as philosophy of permaculture

Improving my life with the help of Permaculture. Within the philosophy of our website. What we defend is a model of society where each person follows their vocation. Without fear of not being able to earn money for it.

Our goal is to create communities where each person develops and puts their skills at the service of others.

Sharing, loving and respecting, together with the permaculture methodology. We can create cities or spaces where we can live in harmony and happiness.

You join?

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