Permaculture told through my conscience

Permaculture told through my conscience

Permaculture told through my conscience. The first, Permaculture is a type of agricultural design system, with connotations -in turn- social, political and economic. 

But let me add, that it will be the way to share people’s consciences. People, who already understand that the current models of managing resources and rights in the world are obsolete. 

A world run and supported by archaic minds. Without adequate awareness to improve the reality of the planet and people.

But writing to criticize one and the other is not my style. So I want to make the articles that I am going to write on this website more fun.

In addition, many of these articles will provide information and help on everything related to permaculture. Also, to tell the stories and paths of the characters that I am going to write in this category of the web.

Permaculture told through my conscience

And not to roll up more, I’m going with the prologue.

Permaculture and Resilience

During the course of the story and especially at the end of it, we can perceive the power of resilience that the main characters had. 

On the other hand, resilience is the ability to face adversity and manage to adapt well to tragedies. As well as traumas, threats or severe stress that we can experience in life.

Being resilient does not mean not feeling discomfort, emotional pain or difficulty  in the face of adversity. If not rather to be able to identify those situations in which I need to invest more effort than I normally do in different circumstances.

Permaculture told through my conscience Resilience in people

The path that leads to resilience is not an easy one. But it involves considerable stress and emotional discomfort. Despite which people draw the strength that allows them to continue with their lives in the face of adversity or tragedy. 

And despite the fact that this path involves uncomfortable emotional situations, the learning it provides for people’s lives is fundamental and provides them with new resources and experiences.

Resilience is not something that a person has or does not have. Rather, it involves a series of behaviors and ways of thinking that anyone can learn and develop. 

Something very important to develop is thoughts. Well, these are the main engines for our daily actions. From our way of thinking is the way in which we will respond to the situations experienced.

Permaculture told through my conscience Positive thoughts

If our thoughts are negative, this will influence our behavior and the difficulty of perceiving the learning of the lived experience. Learning should be positive or try to cultivate this type of thinking to perform better.

Resilient people have three main characteristics: they know how to accept reality as it is; they have a deep belief that life has meaning; and they have an unwavering ability to improve. 

Resilient and suitable people for Permaculture have the following skills:

They are able to accurately identify the causes of problems to prevent them from recurring in the future. And that this does not affect them more than it should affect them. 

They are able to control their emotions. Especially in the face of adversity. And they can stay focused in crisis situations. Controlling emotions does not mean not expressing them, but rather that resilient people look for the right time. And a way to allow themselves those feelings in a suitable environment. And not in a crisis situation.

Permaculture told through my conscience awareness

They know how to control their impulses and their behavior in high-pressure situations. As mentioned above, do not get carried away by the emotion of the moment. They keep your mind free which gives you the ability to think and react properly.

They have realistic optimism. That is, they think that things can go well. They have a positive vision of the future. And they think they can control the course of their lives, but without letting themselves be carried away by unreality or fantasies. 

They consider themselves competent and confident in their own abilities. They are empathic. That is, they have a good ability to read the emotions of others and connect with them. 

They are able to look for new opportunities, challenges and relationships to achieve more success and satisfaction in their lives. 

A high and fair consciousness is the basis of Permaculture

These are some of the characteristics that the best people show to help create sustainable spaces based on Permaculture. 

And through the following chapters or articles that I am going to write. It is important to capture each one of them. And go experiencing the experiences that these experiences could leave us in our lives.

Each of the characters in these articles or chapters brings with them their own story. And if we are sensitive to this we can perceive the message they want to convey to us. Therefore, beloved friend, let yourself go and immerse yourself in this fantasy full of realities.

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