Name Project Manager: Samuel Odoyo
Name Project: Sagrema Foundation
WhatsApp or Line: 0720768118
City: Mfangano Island
Project Country: Kenya
Project Type: Permaculture, Aquaculture, Sustainable project
I need: Donations and Volunteers
I need help with: Help with cleaning the area, Help with crops, Help with education, Help with electricity resources, Help with feeding, Help with maintenance, Help with marketing or internet, Help with resources in general, Help with technology, Help with water resources, Other help.
We speak: English
I need you to work: 1/2 hour for days
I wish you were here: for 30
Other features of the space: Good internet connection, You can smoke, There is vegan food.


Sagrema Foundation

Sagrema Foundation. We are a grassroots community based organizations operating alongside the communities initiating and or improving development projects to eradicate poverty and care for less fortunate children, widows, widowers, the aged, households and families, we are based on the beautiful Mfangano Island in the middle of Lake Victoria Kenya.

We also Host Volunteers, Tourist and Travellers on the Island of Mfangano.

Accommodation and food that I offer you is

Food is 100% local, homemade and fresh. Diets mainly imply fishes from the lake Victoria, beans, rice, vegetables and local traditional dishes that we would love to make you discover.

Here in the area you can see and do the following

At MFANGANO Island, you will be able to explore the area with one of our community member. There is plenty to see and explore such as with boat tours, hikes and with motorbikes. You can also discover our fishing methods and taste them as well.
If you wish more information about, Sagrema Foundation, please contact us.