Volunteer in a sustainable project

Volunteer in a sustainable project

Volunteer in a sustainable project. On the one hand, the volunteer is a person who wants to transform their knowledge, time and effort into kindness. And he works wholeheartedly to achieve a goal that benefits a permaculture or sustainable project. On the other hand, if he wants, he can stay in the project as long as he wants. In exchange for his help, he will receive room and board at a minimum.

Who is the volunteer? Volunteering at SE ZERO GREEN

  • Volunteering at SE ZERO GREEN. is an important part of our philosophy. Create sustainable spaces. With all the resources and needs covered, and being able to live happily and without money.
  • Being a volunteer at SE ZERO. is helping the planet and people to create a new system of coexistence and fair distribution.
  • Being a volunteer with us. is being an example for society that will see in all of us an example to follow with our culture of life.

to be Volunteer

Now dear and beloved volunteer, I want to explain to you why the planet needs you.

Where to help as a volunteer

Due to how the planet is behaving, and the current political systems, we are increasingly aware that we have to create sustainable spaces. And on our own. That is why this website wants to become a web space where all the sustainable projects that are being developed anywhere in the world are advertised with us.

In this way, each volunteer will be able to choose the one with whom they feel the most feeling.

What does it mean to be a volunteer?

Perhaps, we all already know that a deep cultural transformation is coming. Humanity is waking up to the complexity of the challenges that await it. A new kind of individual and collective leadership is emerging in business, civil society and governance.

After centuries of seeing scarcity and competition everywhere. We are waking up to the abundance that is revealed through collaboration and sharing.

Being a Volunteer in a sustainable project

On this website we want to help all sustainable spaces that are already working on technological solutions anywhere in the world. As well as, social, economic and ecological that serve all humanity and regenerate damaged ecosystems.

On an overpopulated planet and facing the threat of runaway climate change. And due to the scarcity of many non-renewable resources on which we currently depend, we are increasingly aware of our interdependence.

For our species to not only survive, but thrive, we depend on each other and the planetary life support system.

Whereas many of our current economic and political systems were designed with the mentality that some win while others lose (zero sum).

Where to volunteer

We are beginning to understand that we will all lose in the medium and long term if we do not maintain and regenerate the healthy functioning of ecosystems. And we reduce the cruel inequality that exists around the world. In addition to cultivating social cohesion and international solidarity with cultures of collaboration.

To change from a zero-sum culture (some win, others lose) to a non-zero-sum culture (everyone wins, double benefit). Extensive collaboration is also required to ensure that nature also wins (triple benefit). And who wins first. Since it is the provider of the abundance on which we depend.

Only if we collaborate to create a healthier, more diverse, vibrant and bioproductive planet will we be able to create regenerative cultures. In which nothing is left behind and we all win.

Triple benefit cultures ensure that life can continue to evolve to achieve increased diversity, complexity, bioproductivity and resilience.

What can I do as a volunteer?

We can understand the triple bottom line of regenerative cultures as the individual, collective, and planetary benefits created through systemic solutions that cultivate social, ecological, and economic health and well-being. But help is needed from other people and donations.

Humanity is beginning to explore fertile soil. Creating triple benefit solutions that promote cultural, ecological and economic regeneration. Innovative, triple-win, integrative solutions in whole system designs are about creating shared abundance by leveraging the benefits of collaboration.

Volunteer in a sustainable project or permaculture

Such innovations optimize the system as a whole. Instead of maximizing short-term economic gains for the few against the economic, social and ecological detriment of the many.

Climate change is just one of the converging crises that require a coordinated global response. And that is nothing other than civilizational transformation.

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges and unparalleled opportunities. “Same old” is no longer an option. Change and transformation are inevitable.

A volunteer is key to change

Humanity is facing important questions: Will we be able to guide ourselves creatively through this period of cultural transformation?

Will we manage to co-create a life-sustaining, regenerative human civilization expressed in a vibrant diversity of locally adapted, globally collaborative cultures?

We don’t know the answers to these questions for decades. However, they will define the future of humanity and the future of life on Earth.

Yes, we need answers and we need to keep experimenting with possible solutions. Both are great ways to help us learn from our mistakes and ask better questions.

However, much of it is the direct result of an inappropriate way of seeing ourselves. As well as the story we tell about who we are and about the meaning we give to our existence. So cultural transformation has to start with transforming the way we see and think.

Help as a volunteer

We have to change our cultural narrative. And we can do that through culturally creative conversations. They arise by asking deeper questions.

By living the questions we will begin to see, think and live differently. And by living differently we can generate a different world. Together we are able to create a regenerative human presence on Earth.

A Maturing Human Species

A new cultural narrative is emerging that unites humanity in our interdependence with a larger community of life. This old and new narrative of interbeing with life, and as life, is leading individuals and communities around the world to create diverse, thriving, and locally adapted cultures in global collaboration.

Patterns of a regenerative culture are beginning to emerge as an expression of life in the process of transforming itself.

More than ever, this change will have to stem from human existence. And of the fundamental reconstruction of the position of people in the world, in their mutual relations and in the universe.

If a better political and economic model is to be created, then it must derive from profound existential and moral changes in society. This is not something that can be designed and presented as a new car. If it is to be more than a new variation on the old degeneration, it must be, above all, an expression of life in the process of transforming itself.

A better system will not automatically ensure a better life. In fact, the opposite is true: only by creating a better life can a better system be developed.

Volunteers and donations help needed

Humanity is coming of age and needs a “new narrative” that is powerful and meaningful enough to galvanize global collaboration. And guide a collective response to the converging crises we face.

Transformative responses, on a personal and collective level, take place when we question deeply ingrained ways of being and seeing, and in the process begin to reinvent ourselves. By doing so we also change our participation in the formation of culture through our interaction with the world around us.

From a long-term perspective, we are a relatively young species on this planet. What is in a process of collective maturation. This requires us to redefine the

way we understand our relationship with the rest of life on Earth. Facing the different options of each collapse or profound transformation.

What is it to be a volunteer

To be a volunteer is to participate in the transformation of the planet and of people. The story we tell about humanity, who we are, why we are here and where we are going, no longer serves as a moral compass.

Just as a teenager who reaches the age of majority must learn not to continue demanding from the family and society. And contribute in a more meaningful way. Humanity can no longer continue to draw from Earth’s natural stores.

We must learn to live within the limits of the Earth’s bioproductive capacity. And to use current solar energy instead of old sunlight. Stored in the earth’s crust in the form of oil, gas and coal, to supply us with energy.

Moving from our sometimes reckless and self-centered juvenile phase as a young species, to being a mature member of the living community of Earth. We are called to become productive members of this community. And to be responsible for their health and well-being.


Being a mature member of the community involves shifting to a form of self-interest. Well understood that he comes to question the notion of being separated and isolated to his very heart.

In the interconnected and interdependent planetary system in which we participate. The best way to take care of oneself and our closest ones is to start worrying more about the benefit of the collective (all forms of life).

Metaphorically speaking, we are all in the same boat. Our planetary life support system, which we know as ship Earth.

How to be a volunteer without having money

Money is always the culprit that many of the projects, illusions, desires and needs can be fulfilled. That is why we are committed to projects that can create communities with everything resolved so as not to need money. And if you have this same philosophy, they will open doors for you as a volunteer, wherever this objective is pursued.

Volunteer in a sustainable project thanks

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